BMW F32 4-Series Car

How to Maintain a BMW 4 Series Coupe From Expert Mechanics in San Jose

by fastladmin September 15, 2019

BMW has been at the forefront of luxury motoring for decades. With constant innovations, high-tech gadgets, and punchy motoring it’s not hard to see why. BMW’s punchy, sport, coupes are often overlooked. However, with the release of the BMW 4

BMW DSC Warning Light

Causes for DSC Failure in Your BMW

by fastladmin August 29, 2019

BMWs are popular, well-liked cars for a reason. They are durable and reliable, and they provide a great driving experience for their owners, from both handling well and the power under the engine. However, that means it’s even more evident

Car Dashboard

Accessing Your Car’s OBD-II Codes in San Jose

by fastladmin August 12, 2019

It can be discouraging if your check engine light comes on. You know that it means that your car is having an issue. You’ve probably heard that when the light is triggered, there is a code produced that lets your

Car Brake Pad

Which is Better for Your Car in San Jose: Metallic or Ceramic Brake Pads?

by fastladmin July 27, 2019

Brakes obviously play a vital role in your vehicle’s ability to properly function. You want to make sure that you are investing the proper attention to your brakes. When it comes to changing the brake pads, you have a few

Car Windshield Icing

Tips to De-ice the Windshield of Your Car in San Jose

by fastladmin July 11, 2019

Cold, freezing weather can be a disappointment when it interferes with outdoor activities. This kind of weather not only affects people negatively, but cars also bear the brunt in many different ways. The cold temperatures can lower the pressure within

BMW 5-Series (G30)

A Failing VANOS Piston Seal In Your BMW Can be Dangerous While Driving in San Jose

by fastladmin June 24, 2019

The BMW’s VANOS valve timing system is used in many of the automaker’s cars. It was developed by BMW in order to adjust the camshaft for both the intake and exhaust valves. Like any other auto part, the VANOS seals

Car Tire Replace

When Should You Replace Your Car Tires in San Jose

by fastladmin June 9, 2019

Every driver knows that tires in poor condition are not only a killer for driving performance but also a potential dangerous safety hazard. This is one of the reasons why, aside from speeding, one of the most common driving offences

Car Fuel Gauge

Role of the Fuel Gauges in Your Car

by fastladmin May 23, 2019

Knowing how much fuel you have is very important, as you never want to run out of gas. However, it is important to keep in mind that your fuel gauge might not always be accurate. Keeping track of your fuel

Broken Volvo Motor Mount

Motor Mount Failure in a Volvo

by fastladmin May 6, 2019

The motor mount plays an important role in ensuring that the engine performs its functions by securing it alongside the transmission onto the vehicle’s chassis. This mount also prevents the engine from feeling the impact of rough roads as well

MINI Engine Oil

The Significance of Engine Oil in MINI Cars

by fastladmin April 19, 2019

Many people know that they should get regular oil changes for their vehicle as part of a maintenance program for their vehicles. However, many people also do not have any idea what engine oil is, let alone how it affects

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