Car Brake

Why is Your Car Vibrating While Braking?

by fastladmin November 1, 2018

There are times when a vehicle may shake or vibrate whenever someone uses the brake pedal when driving. When this happens, the vibration can cause great worry or annoyance, as brakes are essential for vehicle safety. Because brake issues can

BMW Electrical Issue Check

How to Fix Electronic Issues in BMWs

by fastladmin October 15, 2018

If you are a BMW owner, then you probably love your car. And when you love your car, you want to make sure it’s always running in top shape. Besides, you have to get where you’re going, right? Like all

What is the Role of the Volvo’s Tie Rod?

by fastladmin September 23, 2018

Two of the greatest inventions in the modern driving experience are smooth power steering and suspension. It separates practical, modern mobility from antiques that are meant to be seen rather than driven on the road. In fact, cars that do

Reasons Behind Crank Seal Oil Leaks in Minis

by fastladmin September 6, 2018

Oil leaks are a common problem in any vehicle, and they often are indicators of larger problems in your car. Older Minis have a tendency to develop oil leaks when their crankshaft seals begin to wear down, crack, and break.

Volvo HVAC Compressor

Why Does the HVAC Compressor Fail in Volvo

by fastladmin August 22, 2018

One of the most frustrating experiences to deal with in your Volvo is dealing with a faulty AC compressor. During the hot summer months, the air conditioning can be a saving grace from the blistering heat, but compressor failure means

BMW 5 Series

Tips to Maintain the PCV Valve in Your BMW

by fastladmin August 7, 2018

Owning and operating a BMW is a pleasure, but one that requires some attention to maintenance. The slightest disruption in performance can result in a snowball effect of problems. In order to maintain the car’s speed, functionality, and overall performance,

BMW Fuel Injector Inspection

Tips to Maintain the Fuel Injectors of Your BMW

by fastladmin July 23, 2018

The BMW is a powerhouse of a performance vehicle. Drivers are drawn to their ability to pick up speed and handle sharp curves. Due to their German engineering, BMW’s are widely accepted as being long-lasting vehicles that can power and

Mini Cooper Head Gasket

Know the Issues Related to the Head Gasket of a MINI

by fastladmin July 8, 2018

The head gasket can be found in-between the engine block and cylinder head. Located within the engine, it is used to cover the cylinder to inhibit oil or engine leaks. Built to handle high and low-pressure levels, the head gasket

Car Parts

Why OEM Parts Should be Used in Your Car

by fastladmin June 24, 2018

To make sure your car receives optimal care, it’s helpful to know some of the different options you’ll come across as a consumer, including whether to use OEM or after-market parts. In this article, we’ll provide you with a little

Volvo XC70 Electrical Fault

How to Deal with Electrical Faults in Volvo XC70

by fastladmin June 9, 2018

All cars run into problems from time to time—even the most well cared for cars out there experience malfunctions and failures that require correcting. In Volvos, the great majority of problems, especially in the Volvo XC70 model, are related to

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