Tips to De-ice the Windshield of Your Car in San Jose

Cold, freezing weather can be a disappointment when it interferes with outdoor activities. This kind of weather not only affects people negatively, but cars also bear the brunt in many different ways. The cold temperatures can lower the pressure within your tires, making it difficult to start your battery, and even create deposits of ice on the windshield of the car. All these can greatly impair the functions of your car and even render the car impossible to drive. The windshield of the car is one of the most important parts of the car that permits the driver to get unobstructed vision of the road while driving. The windshield is also made of fortified glass material that prevents objects from getting into the car while driving. Such debris would make it unsafe to drive the car. In freezing temperatures, ice tends to form on the windshield of the car, so let's take a look at how to de-ice your windshie ... read more

A Failing VANOS Piston Seal In Your BMW Can be Dangerous While Driving in San Jose

The BMW's VANOS valve timing system is used in many of the automaker's cars. It was developed by BMW in order to adjust the camshaft for both the intake and exhaust valves. Like any other auto part, the VANOS seals are liable to break down over time. The VANOS seals are fitted to the pistons, and unfortunately the seals that BMW provides (especially with models manufactured between 1993-2006) are rather weak and cannot withstand the high temperatures under the hood for very long. The seals reside underneath the Teflon seal rings of the piston, which is meant to provide added support to the Teflon. As you can imagine, this is a highly stressful location for the VANOS seals, and their weaknesses will eventually betray them. These poorly-constructed seals are therefore a common problem with aging BMW engines, and you will need to replace ... read more

When Should You Replace Your Car Tires in San Jose

Every driver knows that tires in poor condition are not only a killer for driving performance but also a potential dangerous safety hazard. This is one of the reasons why, aside from speeding, one of the most common driving offences drivers get tickets is the tire condition. Bald tires can ruin your car's brake time, which can be the difference between a near miss and a collision. Therefore, for any vehicle owner who considers themselves a safe and responsible driver, keeping your tires fit for the road is essential. So, how can you tell when your tires are past their best and what warning signs will your car give you? In this article, we'll be demystifying these signs and signals so you'll be able to confidently tell when the time has come to replace your car's tires. How long are tires meant to last? On average, a brand new set of tires should last you around 50,000 miles. However, this estimate can vary quite wildly ... read more

Role of the Fuel Gauges in Your Car

Knowing how much fuel you have is very important, as you never want to run out of gas. However, it is important to keep in mind that your fuel gauge might not always be accurate. Keeping track of your fuel mileage can help you know if there is a problem. A large variation in fuel mileage or fluctuations in the gauge can indicate that you have a problem. Do you have a faulty fuel gauge? Did you fill up your tank, but it still showed empty? Or does it always show full even though you have driven two hundred miles? Keeping an eye out for these common issues will allow you to know when your fuel gauge is malfunctioning. Bizarre Gauge Readings If your gauge is malfunctioning, it is common for it to stick on full or empty. In some cases, if you hit a bump hard enough, the gauge might free itself and begin to work normally again. It can also have erratic readings. If your gauge sticks on empty it has ... read more

Motor Mount Failure in a Volvo

The motor mount plays an important role in ensuring that the engine performs its functions by securing it alongside the transmission onto the vehicle's chassis. This mount also prevents the engine from feeling the impact of rough roads as well as potholes by absorbing the shock. This makes it comfortable for the vehicle's occupants, as they will in turn hardly feel the effect of the rough roads. The comfort that comes from having a proper engine mount forms part of the appeal of the Volvo. This vehicle model has built a name for itself as a reliable ride that can handle itself well on and off the road without much of a hassle. Unfortunately, some Volvos experience some problems when it comes to the motor mounts. The motor mount, like any other part of the car, is prone to developing problems over time, and it should be addressed quickly if it does. Causes of Motor Mount Fail ... read more