Where to Repair Your Mini’s Damaged Clutch in San Jose

Premature clutch issues can develop in all manual shift cars. While MINI has designed their sporty, versatile models to perform at their best, MINI Cooper owners can also experience clutch failure, depending on their driving habits and natural wear and tear. Let's talk about the function of the clutch, signs of breakdown, and where to go for help. Clutch 101 The clutch is known as an assembly, which means it has a variety of parts, including the clutch plate and the flywheel. The primary role of the clutch is to control the transfer of engine power to the wheels. This control allows gear changes to occur. The temporary disengagement of gears while shifting is essential when accelerating and driving up steep hills. When the driver presses the clutch p ... read more

How to Deal With Electrical Issues in Your Car After a Battery Replacement

Many vehicles out on the road today have a substantially more complex electrical framework to control things like DVD players, automatic controls for doors and windows, navigation systems, mobile devices, and satellite radio. What's more, dashboard displays are no longer limited to telling you the emergency brake is on or showing you with the feared check engine light. Presently, numerous vehicles are intended to monitor tire pressure in each of the four tires, let you know whether a door is open, track the outdoor temperature, and much more. While this technology can be very helpful and convenient, the complex electrical framework can increase the possibility of something going wrong. All these components rely on electricity, so when you replace your battery, you may have some issues. Let's take a look at those below. Diagnosing the Issue Mor ... read more

Reasons Behind BMW Vacuum Hose Leaks From the Experts in San Jose

As you drive your BMW for a number of years, extra maintenance and repairs may become necessary. One of the most common repairs is to fix leaks in the vacuum hose. BMWs are luxury vehicles that are built for performance, each uniquely made to have a sleek exterior with a beautiful and comfortable interior. Under the hood, you will find an engine that is built to perform and built to last, but all vehicles need proper maintenance to prevent things like leaks in the vacuum hose. Below you will find out more information in regards to the vacuum hose and what signs to look for that will let you know it is leaking. What is the vacuum hose? A majority of vehicles that run on gas are going to have some type of vacuum hose in it or even multiple hoses. This includes your make and model of BMW. The age of your BMW will determine how many vacuum hoses you have. The older models tend to ... read more

How to Fix Your Mini’s Radiator Expansion Tank Failure From the Best Mechanics in San Jose

Minis are fun cars to drive. They are powerful and provide drivers with superior performance. They are known for being safe and reliable, but they still have their issues. If you own a Mini, you have probably heard that radiator expansion tank failure is something that you need to watch out for. What is the radiator expansion tank? The radiator expansion tank is also referred to as the RTE. It is a container that is used as an overflow tank. When coolant expands, this tank provides extra storage. The coolant is then recycled back through keeping the engine at optimal running temperature. Warning If you ever need to check your coolant level, never remove the radiator cap while the engine is hot. The coolant is under pressure, and when the cap is removed, it can spray out, causing severe burns. Always wait for ... read more

Tips to Fix Engine Mount Failure in Your Mini

Your Mini Cooper is an iconic automobile, world renowned for its compact look, smooth drivability, and durability under any type of conditions. Despite Mini's well-earned reputation, the Mini Cooper does have its mechanical faults. One of the top problems that Mini Coopers have is the failure of the engine mount. The engine mount is the apparatus that holds the engine in place and keeps the engine from transferring its vibration and movement to the rest of the car. Needless to say, you cannot really drive your automobile effectively, if at all, with a broken or malfunctioning engine mount. These types of malfunctions are easily handled by a skilled technician, so there is no need to panic. We will go over some tips that may help you out if you notice a fault with your Mini Cooper's engine mount. Signs of Engine Mount Failure If your Mini Cooper is suffering from a broken eng ... read more