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How to Fix Your Mini’s Radiator Expansion Tank Failure From the Best Mechanics in San Jose

Minis are fun cars to drive. They are powerful and provide drivers with superior performance. They are known for being safe and reliable, but they still have their issues. If you own a Mini, you have probably heard that radiator expansion tank failure is something that you need to watch out for. What is the radiator expansion tank? The radiator expansion tank is also referred to as the RTE. It is a container that is used as an overflow tank. When coolant expands, this tank provides extra storage. The coolant is then recycled back through keeping the engine at optimal running temperature. Warning If you ever need to check your coolant level, never remove the radiator cap while the engine is hot. The coolant is under pressure, and when the cap is removed, it can spray out, causing severe burns. Always wait for ... read more

Tips to Fix Engine Mount Failure in Your Mini

Your Mini Cooper is an iconic automobile, world renowned for its compact look, smooth drivability, and durability under any type of conditions. Despite Mini's well-earned reputation, the Mini Cooper does have its mechanical faults. One of the top problems that Mini Coopers have is the failure of the engine mount. The engine mount is the apparatus that holds the engine in place and keeps the engine from transferring its vibration and movement to the rest of the car. Needless to say, you cannot really drive your automobile effectively, if at all, with a broken or malfunctioning engine mount. These types of malfunctions are easily handled by a skilled technician, so there is no need to panic. We will go over some tips that may help you out if you notice a fault with your Mini Cooper's engine mount. Signs of Engine Mount Failure If your Mini Cooper is suffering from a broken eng ... read more

Reasons Behind Volvo Transfer Case Failure From the Best in San Jose

Volvos are associated with luxury and power. They provide amazing performance and offer safety, longevity, and durability. Volvos are reliable cars to own and are usually very dependable, but some drivers have had issues with transfer case failure. Just like every other vehicle on the road, Volvos need to be well-maintained to prevent failures. If your car has four-wheel or all-wheel drive, it has a transfer case. When the transfer case experiences failure, your vehicle will no longer be able to function properly. What is a transfer case? A transfer case is part of the drivetrain and is responsible for transferring power from the engine to the wheels. The transfer case adjusts for differences and provides the correct amount of power to each axle. It is responsible for allowing your car to effectively maneuve ... read more

Reasons for Differential Failure in Your Mini

The differential is critical to the safe and smooth handling of your MINI. During a turn, the inside wheel needs to go slower than the outside wheel. Otherwise, the handling on your car would be much stiffer. It would also cause extra wear and tear on your tires and axle. The differential is the mechanism that allows your tires to spin at different speeds. Complete differential failure results in your MINI's wheels being unable to turn and could cause more damage to other parts, such as your axle or transmission. If you think your MINI is showing signs of differential problems, it's important that you have it inspected by an experienced mechanic. While the signs can seem harmless at first, they can quickly become expensive and even dangerous. What are the warning signs? The main warning signs of differential trouble are unusu ... read more

How Your Mini’s Faulty Drive-Axle Boots Can be Fixed by the Experts in San Jose

MINIs are sophisticated, stylish, and great on fuel economy. Their compact, sporty design makes them fun to drive, and they turn heads. Taking proper care of it is important, and to do so, it requires a technician that has the knowledge needed to do it right. Here at Fast Lane European, we specialize in MINIs, and we provide top-notch service and repairs every time. The best way to take care of your MINI is by staying current on your service schedule and having regular maintenance performed. In doing so, you will help to ensure that your MINI runs great for years to come. When you have your car in for service, your technician may notice that you have a faulty drive-axle boot. If this is the case, it is a good idea to have the boot replaced before any additional damage occurs. What is a drive-axle boot? The drive-axle boot is a rubber cover that is used to pro ... read more