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The Significance of Engine Oil in MINI Cars

Many people know that they should get regular oil changes for their vehicle as part of a maintenance program for their vehicles. However, many people also do not have any idea what engine oil is, let alone how it affects the car and the way it works. In a luxurious car such as a MINI, it is important to maintain its integrity to enjoy the benefits of driving a nice car. When it comes to oil changes, repairs should be done every 3,000 miles or every 3 months. Why do Engines Need Oil? When someone mentions oil, greasy French fries or delectable pizza typically comes to mind. Engine oil, on the other hand, is not for eating but instead used in engines to keep the parts rubbing smoothly past each other. The same way that cooking oil helps the food to slide along a frying pan, engine oil coats the internal parts of a car's engine to help them slide side-by-side each ... read more

Common Cabin Noises Found in a BMW

When someone mentions riding in a BMW, the image of soaring down highway lanes at sunset comes to mind. But even the most luxurious vehicles may not be as peaceful as they seem. The culprit might be an excess of cabin noise, which is the combination of several noises that can be heard from within the vehicle. While cabin noise is inevitable to some degree, measures can be taken to make sure your next ride is perfectly quiet so that you can fully enjoy the beauty of a good car ride. Sources of Cabin Noise The main factors that contribute to cabin noise originate from: The car's engine The friction of the tires with the road The interaction of the car with wind In order to reduce cabin noise, the causes of cabin noise should be understood. When the car burns fuel, it produces a large amount of energy, which in turn causes the engine to rumble and shake, resulting in noise resounding through the car and into th ... read more