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Tips to Maintain Your Car’s Manual Transmission

* The Blog Post is originally written by David Gersh in German Repair Shop Marketing. Manual transmission vehicles seem to have fallen out of vogue in recent years, with many drivers preferring the convenience of vehicles with an automatic transmission system. However, there are still drivers who prefer manual transmissions because they want to feel in control of their vehicle and more connected to their car as they drive. While manual transmission systems are known to be much easier to maintain, like any car part, they do still need some care to ensure the system works properly. Below, we've shared some tips to help you keep your manual transmission well-maintained. The Benefits of Manual Transmission Systems While the benefits of automatic transmission systems are well-known, many manual transmission driv ... read more

Importance of Having a Vehicle During A Pandemic

Right now, many find themselves at home for long periods of time in quarantine, either self-imposed or mandated. Concerns of the spread of the novel coronavirus have risen and become such a central focus of our lives and thoughts that some things may understandably get overlooked — like the condition of our cars. In times of crisis such as these, while driving is minimal, having a reliable car is perhaps more essential than ever. Drivers need to know that their car will be able to take them where they need to go in situations of urgency. If you or a loved one experiences a medical emergency, a faulty car could result in a breakdown that could — without wanting to sound too alarmist — prove to be disastrous in the end. Drivers depend on auto repair shops and the mechanics and staff that work at them. The public has a v ... read more