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Causes for DSC Failure in Your BMW

BMWs are popular, well-liked cars for a reason. They are durable and reliable, and they provide a great driving experience for their owners, from both handling well and the power under the engine. However, that means it's even more evident when something about the BMW's handling is a little off, as it may well seem when you're dealing with DSC failure. What is the DSC System? DSC stands for ‘dynamic stability control'. The DSC system uses a variety of sensors to determine your driving style and adjust internal reactions to optimize the vehicle's performance. The overall performance of the vehicle is of course important, but this system is also a safety feature, as it also monitors environmental factors such as road conditions to help prevent things like loss of tire traction and fishtailing. The DSC system also works with the ABS ... read more

Accessing Your Car’s OBD-II Codes in San Jose

It can be discouraging if your check engine light comes on. You know that it means that your car is having an issue. You've probably heard that when the light is triggered, there is a code produced that lets your mechanic identify the potential problem. Bring your car into Fast Lane European, and we can run a diagnostic check and get your car fixed to turn the troublesome light off and get you back on your way quickly and efficiently. What is an OBD-II Code Diagnostic Trouble Codes, also known as DTC's, are used my vehicle manufactures to diagnose issues. The OBD-II, which is in light-duty vehicles, is able to identify and communicate to the technician what problem your vehicle is having. There are hundreds of codes that can be generated. Each code provides information about a specific issue. By allowing your mechanic to run an ... read more