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How to Deal With Electrical Issues in Your Car After a Battery Replacement

Many vehicles out on the road today have a substantially more complex electrical framework to control things like DVD players, automatic controls for doors and windows, navigation systems, mobile devices, and satellite radio. What's more, dashboard displays are no longer limited to telling you the emergency brake is on or showing you with the feared check engine light. Presently, numerous vehicles are intended to monitor tire pressure in each of the four tires, let you know whether a door is open, track the outdoor temperature, and much more. While this technology can be very helpful and convenient, the complex electrical framework can increase the possibility of something going wrong. All these components rely on electricity, so when you replace your battery, you may have some issues. Let's take a look at those below. Diagnosing the Issue Mor ... read more

Reasons Behind BMW Vacuum Hose Leaks From the Experts in San Jose

As you drive your BMW for a number of years, extra maintenance and repairs may become necessary. One of the most common repairs is to fix leaks in the vacuum hose. BMWs are luxury vehicles that are built for performance, each uniquely made to have a sleek exterior with a beautiful and comfortable interior. Under the hood, you will find an engine that is built to perform and built to last, but all vehicles need proper maintenance to prevent things like leaks in the vacuum hose. Below you will find out more information in regards to the vacuum hose and what signs to look for that will let you know it is leaking. What is the vacuum hose? A majority of vehicles that run on gas are going to have some type of vacuum hose in it or even multiple hoses. This includes your make and model of BMW. The age of your BMW will determine how many vacuum hoses you have. The older models tend to ... read more