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Signs of Cooling Fan Motor Malfunctions in Your Car

Today, virtually all late model vehicles have radiator cooling fans in conjunction with electric motors designed to keep the engine cool. These cooling fans are mounted to the radiator, and they serve a very important purpose: keeping the engine cool. How Radiator Cooling Fans Work Radiator cooling fans work by pulling air through the radiator and over the engine. The air from the outside is pulled through the fan, and as it rushes over the engine it cools the engine especially during low speeds. As your engine operates, the coolant temperature starts to increase and if no air moves through your radiator to cool it down, the engine will start to overheat. That is why the cooling fan is such a critical component; without it, the coolant can't do its job. The electric motors found on cooling fans don't operate much differently than regular electric motors, and as such can often be serviced or replaced regardless of which ... read more