Tips to Maintain Your Car’s Manual Transmission

* The Blog Post is originally written by David Gersh in German Repair Shop Marketing.

Manual transmission vehicles seem to have fallen out of vogue in recent years, with many drivers preferring the convenience of vehicles with an automatic transmission system. However, there are still drivers who prefer manual transmissions because they want to feel in control of their vehicle and more connected to their car as they drive.

While manual transmission systems are known to be much easier to maintain, like any car part, they do still need some care to ensure the system works properly. Below, we've shared some tips to help you keep your manual transmission well-maintained.

The Benefits of Manual Transmission Systems

While the benefits of automatic transmission systems are well-known, many manual transmission drivers aren't aware of the perks of the system that they use. Knowing the strengths of the features of your car can really help to keep them well-maintained, as it will become clear when the system starts to reduce in performance. Let's take a look at the great things about manual transmissions:

1. Easy to Maintain

Manual transmissions are far less complicated than automatic systems, meaning that there is less risk of developing an issue. In manual transmission systems, the main part which is likely to need repair is the clutch, but this will usually happen thousands and thousands of miles down the line.

2. Longer-Lasting Oil

The engine oil in manual transmissions doesn't get used up as quickly as that of automatic transmissions.

3. Increased Fuel Economy

Automatic transmission systems have added parts like a torque converter and a hydraulic pump which take more of a toll on your engine, meaning increased fuel consumption. The difference in consumption between the two transmission types can be as much as 15%!

4. Increased Control

Because manual transmissions don't use a torque converter, braking is much more easier and precise.

5. Affordable

Brand new vehicles with manual transmission systems are usually far more affordable than models with automatic transmission systems.

Top Tips to Maintain the Manual Transmission of your Car

Here are five top tips to keep your manual transmission well-maintained:

Don't Ride the Clutch

When you're not using the clutch, make sure your foot is off the pedal. Don't allow your foot to rest on it. Riding the clutch is a bad habit practiced by many drivers. It puts a lot of extra strain on your clutch and gearbox.

Make Sure to Service your Cooling System

Your car's cooling system is vital to keep the engine from overheating, but as your transmission is the second hottest part of your vehicle, it is also needed to keep your manual transmission cool. If your engine overheats or your coolant runs low, you'll not only be hurting your engine but your transmission too.

Have your Transmission Flushed Often

Make sure to change out your transmission fluid as advised by your owner's manual and mechanic. Ideally, getting your transmission flushed yearly will help make sure the fluid in the transmission system does its job correctly and will help maintain the health of the overall system.

Stop Downshifting when Accelerating

It is a common misconception that downshifting when slowing down or stopping is good for your engine and manual gearbox. This simply isn't the case. Downshifting will accelerate the wear and tear of your transmission, so stick to using your brakes to decelerate instead.

Have your Manual Transmission Serviced Annually

Having your manual transmission inspected by a specialist on a yearly basis will help ensure that all parts of your transmission are in good shape, and that any issue that is starting to surface can be quickly nipped in the bud. This will save you time and money down the road.

Fast Lane European

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