Check Engine Light Services in San Jose, CA

No car problem can be as troubling or puzzling as the check engine light. With dozens of potential causes and possible issues it is important to avoid driving until you can get your car seen by professionals. Since the check engine light can signal multiple problems it’s important that you visit a service center with the proper equipment needed to accurately diagnose your vehicle.

Fast Lane European in San Jose, CA is the largest independent service center in the area and full of the latest tools and equipment needed to accurately and quickly service your vehicle.

Highly Specialized Service and Repair

At Fast Lane European we specialize in the service and repair of the most popular European-made vehicles:

By only servicing these manufacturers we are able to offer more comprehensive service and repairs. We keep everything in-house and no matter what is causing your check engine light, our mechanics are well trained and have the years of experience handling check engine causes like:

  • Loose/broken gas cap
  • Failing catalytic converter
  • Failing O2 sensor
  • Exhaust leaking
  • Dying car battery

The specialists at Fast Lane European understand that seeing the check engine light can be a nerve-wracking experience and we are always here to help as quickly and accurately as possible.

Find Us In Your Neighborhood

Since 2011 Fast Lane European has provided superior European auto maintenance throughout the following cities:

If your check engine light is on don’t risk driving any longer, simply call us today to speak with one of our specialists or to schedule an appointment for your car.