Oil Change in San Jose, CA

Putting off routine oil changes may seem like a minor maintenance issue but it can actually have significant and catastrophic damages to your vehicle’s engine and throughout the entire car. Dirty oil has numerous negative impacts on your car like:

  • Decreased fuel efficiency
  • Diminished engine performance
  • Accelerated engine wear and tear
  • Engine seizing

While most cars receive minimum oil change services European made vehicles require a higher level of care and quality. Fast Lane European provides all of the important routine services and maintenance including oil changes for the most popular European manufacturers:

The Benefits of Fresh Oil

At Fast Lane European we use manufacturer quality materials for all of our services including oil and filters for all oil changes. No matter what model you drive you can rest assured that your car receives the same high quality it would at the dealership but without the high costs. This way your car can enjoy all of the benefits of an oil change including:

  • Fuel efficiency
  • Engine performance
  • Exhaust reductions

By changing the oil at the manufacturer recommended intervals you’ll be able to enjoy optimum performance for a longer amount of time with minimal repairs and expenses.

Independent Prices, Dealership Quality

Call or visit Fast Lane European today to speak with one of our mechanics and to schedule your vehicle’s next oil change. Located in San Jose, CA we also service surrounding areas including:

Scheduling routine services for your car with our specialists will ensure better performance that you can count on.