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Most Technicians go to work at the dealership because it’s where the best of the best go to wrench, where you get to learn from the best, train directly with the manufacturer, and work with great people in an awesome environment. All while making a great living.

Has that been your experience?
Have you had a different experience?

  • Do you feel undervalued?
  • Unmotivated to come to work?
  • Hate the amount of warranty and prepaid maintenance you’re getting?
  • Are you working with people that are holding you back instead of building you up?

Did you answer “Yes” to any of these questions?

What if there was an alternative to the dealership that only focused on fixing cars right the first time. Where only genuine or OEM parts were used and quality took precedence over all else. A place that was clean with new equipment and the people you worked with truly wanted you to do well and were never to busy to help you.

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