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If you’re looking for a BMW or Volvo service and repair facility in San Jose, you’ve found it! We are one of the few shops that utilizes the Volvo Diagnostic Equipment, VIDA, it is the same diagnostic equipment the dealership uses. For BMWs we utilize ISTA diagnostic equipment.

If you are unsure of your Volvo or BMW service schedule don’t hesitate to contact us, we can help you determine the correct factory service based on either time or miles.

Service and repairs that we perform include:

All Factory Schedule Maintenance Services
Volvo Services: 5,000 or 7,500 mile intervals
BMW Services: Inspection I Inspection II CBS Service

We follow the recommended scheduled factory maintenance as close as possible. If you are curious to know what is recommended for your vehicle the information for Volvo can be found here, for your BMW the information is usually located in your owners manual.

When we perform factory recommended maintenance we fill out a service inspection form that lets you know exactly what was done as well as provide you will measurements for your brake pads and tires.

Free Second Opinion

Bring your recommendations in writing from another repair facility and we can confirm or deny their recommendations. We want to get you and your vehicle back in the fast lane as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

Please note: visual inspection only, does not apply to electric repairs or deciphering codes pulled from a code reader.

  • Air Conditioning Diagnosis & Repair

    Do you find that your air conditioning just does not get cold enough? Do you sometimes wonder if it is possible to have your air blow colder? Vehicles tend to lose their A/C charge over time – and some faster then others. If you have a concern we recommend that you bring it in to us for service.

  • Anti Lock Brake (ABS) System Diagnosis & Repair

    If your ABS light is illuminated it is best to have it checked out right away. We are able to pull codes that the computer(s) might generate and further trace the issue to a diagnosis.

    While the ABS light is illuminated the ABS system is inoperable.

  • Brake System Diagnosis & Repair

    Brakes require regular maintenance, from flushing brake fluid to replacing the pads and rotors. On occasion you may experience an issue – maybe the brake pedal seems soft or you feel a vibration when braking, etc. We will diagnose and repair any brake system issue you are experiencing.

  • Check Engine Light Diagnosis & Repair

    When the check engine is illuminated it means there are codes stored in the computer resulting from your vehicle performing a self test. Quite commonly it is as simple as the gas cap loose or threaded on incorrectly. There are multitude of other reasons why your check engine light may be on and we recommend having it diagnosed right away. For more information and insights please also check out our monthly blog.

  • Electrical System Diagnosis & Repair

    Your vehicle is equipped with hundreds of electrical components. See a sample list here. Diagnosing electrical issues can be tricky, sometimes the issue can be a quick fix such as replacing a fuse, charging the battery overnight, or updating software however it may also be a much more difficult problem to solve. The hardest issues seem to come when a vehicle has had modifications or aftermarket parts.

    If you are experiencing electrical issues bring in any receipts that you have (from a different repair facility) as that may help in the efficiency of diagnosing. Note: At Fast Lane European we keep records electronically, printed and available directly to you via a custom website.

  • Clutch Diagnosis & Repair

    You may experience an issue while driving your vehicle equipped with a manual transmission and wonder if your clutch is going out. Different issues may arise, perhaps the RPMS may rise without a change in speed, you sense a burning smell, or it just may not seem to shift right. No matter your concern we can take a look at it. Quite often the concern lies with the master cylinder but issues can also be found with other components such as a broken clutch cable, misadjusted linkage, a worn throw-out bearing, etc.

  • Engine Cooling System Diagnosis & Repair

    The main components of the engine cooling system include the radiator, water pump, cooling fan, coolant, thermostat, intercooler, multiple hoses and clamps. If you’re noticing your engine running a little hot, the coolant light on, or a fluid leaking from your engine, please bring your vehicle in for an inspection.

    Note: Never allow your engine to overheat, if you see the temperature gauge approach the red line pull your vehicle over safely and stop the engine.

  • Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspections

    Purchasing a Used Vehicle? Have it Inspected!

    Recently a couple were looking to purchase a used Volvo off Craigslist. They came across what appeared to be a good deal – very low miles and “under” Blue Book. The vehicle had the check engine light on and the couple decided to take the vehicle to our shop for an inspection.

    They waited while the vehicle was inspected. During the inspection we discovered that the vehicle had been in a major car accident where multiple safety issues were discovered including a bolt MISSING from the steering shaft, too hard of a turn and the steering would have been disconnected from the wheels! The vehicle, in its current state, was unsafe to drive. They decided not to purchase the vehicle based off of findings from the inspection.

    Their experience is not common however it is wise to know if you are purchasing a vehicle that has some extensive repairs in its near future, etc.

    An inspection will help you decide if the vehicle your interested in is a good investment or not. When you have the inspection performed through us we will provide you with a multi-point inspection report.

  • SRS System Diagnosis & Repair

    If the SRS light is on that is an indication that there is an issue with the Safety Restraint System and that the airbags will not properly

    deploy in an accident. We are able to diagnose and repair the reason why the SRS is illuminated.

  • Diagnosis of Fluid Leaks / Loss

    There are multiple fluids in your vehicle including engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, hydraulic fluid, gear oil, axle fluid, coolant, windshield washer fluid and power steering fluid. On occasion a leak may occur and you may see a symptom – from spots on the garage floor to smoke billowing from the engine. No matter the symptom we can get to the bottom of it.

  • Transmission Diagnosis & Repair

    Automatic transmissions can have issues or fail – perhaps you notice rough engagement, a loss of gears or an improper shift. Bring your vehicle to Fast Lane European so that we can diagnose the concern and resolve the concern.

  • Suspension System Diagnosis & Repair

    Are the roads feeling a little too bumpy these days? Do speed bumps seem quite rough? Does your vehicle seem to bounce? Perhaps your vehicle pulls in one direction? You may be experiencing a symptom with your suspension system. For a smoother ride call us today!

  • Valve Adjustments

    Some BMW models require valve adjustments as part of their scheduled maintenance during their Inspection II. Generally the valve adjustment requires removing the valve cover, fan shroud, and spark plugs.

    Valve adjustments is an available service.

  • Timing Belts (& Drive Belts)

    Most vehicles have timing belts (if they don’t have a timing belt they have a timing chain) and as part of regular maintenance they need to be replaced. Your owners manual recommends the replacement schedule for the timing and drive belts and we highly recommend following that schedule. On occasion a need may arise where the belts are replaced beforehand due to cracking.

  • Engine Diagnosis & Repair

    There are many symptoms that may pop up over the lifetime of your vehicle: running rough, idle too high, idle too low, misfire, smoke, black smoke, check engine light, leak(s), oil residue, sluggish, vehicle high squeal, loss of power uphill, ticking noise, rpm surges, engine stalls, vehicle will not start, and so on. We have VIDA and ISTA to help correctly diagnose the trouble you are experiencing and are able to perform all the appropriate repairs to have your engine purring well once again.

  • Walnut Blasting

    Modern engines are often direct fuel injection, as this process allows for advantages in fuel consumption and power. However over time this leads to deposits referred to as carbonizing. This is not immediately bad for the engine, but over time can have a detrimental effect on its efficiency. If the valves are heavily carbonized, symptoms such as a bumpy idle, vibrations, poor performance, loss of power and diminished throttle response can be observed.

    There are a few methods to clean the intake valves and intake tracts of the BMW N54 and N55 engine (and any other direct injection engine).

    One effective method is to remove the engine’s intake manifold and blast the intake valve and ports with walnut shells, hence the name “walnut blasting”. There is a very specific procedure and set of tools that are required to perform the task.

    Owners have reported that after their vehicle has undergone walnut blasting they have experienced have increased performance, better fuel economy, smoother idle, and smoother acceleration.

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