Brake Repair

No feature is more important in any vehicle than the brakes. In European vehicles drivers depend on their brakes whether it’s making sudden stops, slowing to showcase.

Air Conditioning Repair

California summers can turn your car into an oven when it’s left outside over night or for any long period of time. When the temperatures start to rise chances are you’re going to rely.

Oil Change

Putting off routine oil changes may seem like a minor maintenance issue but it can actually have significant and catastrophic damages to your vehicle’s engine and throughout the entire car.


Fast Lane European is an Independent Volvo, Mercedes, BMW, and MINI Repair Facility. We are unique due to our experience, including the fact that we have a Volvo Master Technician who is also an ASE Master Technician. Our shop is equipped with the diagnostic equipment of Volvo, VIDA, for all applicable models as well as ISTA for BMW models and Mercedes factory diagnostic tools.

In addition to great customer service you will find that our prices are tough to beat, we offer free second opinions, monthly specials and a low labor rate.

Fast Lane European isn’t just about Volvo, we have experience with BMW, MINI, & Mercedes models as well. We will continue to update our website to reflect our experience as well as our passion for these great European cars.

We look forward to meeting you and servicing your Volvo, BMW or MINI needs.

Helping Your Car Perform Better

When it comes to performance brands, Mercedes, MINI, BMW and Volvo represent the highest quality that drivers have come to rely on. Even routine maintenance appointments and repairs require skilled mechanics that understand each vehicle’s design and needs. Offering reliable service and repairs at affordable prices has made Fast Lane European San Jose’s choice dealership alternative. Our friendly staff understands what you expect from your vehicle and work hard to make sure that those expectations are exceeded at every turn.

Service From The Brakes To The Engine

At Fast Lane European we offer high quality services for your vehicle including:

  • Brake repairs such as leaking lines, low fluid and worn brake pads
  • Check engine light diagnosis with factory diagnostic tools to accurately identify the issue
  • Factory scheduled service and maintenance appointments
  • Electrical system issues and malfunctions

Our certified technicians always use the proper tools and equipment for each service or repair your vehicle receives so you can always drive with confidence.

Our experts understand the unique maintenance requirements of these high-end manufacturers and what it takes to maintain the high performance drivers rely on. If you are in San Jose, CA and are looking for high quality German auto repair then call Fast Lane European today. With a knowledgeable and experienced staff ready to help we will make sure that maintaining your car is as easy and affordable as possible.

Fast Lane European received 4.5 stars out of 5 based on 81 reviews on Yelp.

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