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When the check engine light comes on in your Audi, it is essential to discover the reason behind it as quickly as possible. It can sometimes be something simple and easily fixed, or it may be a more major problem — but either way, addressing it early helps stop it from snowballing into a larger, more expensive problem. Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons your check engine light might come on, and what to do about it.

Common Reasons For a Check Engine Light

  • Faulty Oxygen Sensor: The oxygen sensor measures the level of oxygen in the gasses of the exhaust and assists in the control of the fuel mixture. When the oxygen sensor malfunctions, the CEL will light up to signal the driver that all is not well. After a thorough diagnosis, your mechanic will be able to detect that the sensor is the cause of illumination.
  • Catalytic Converter Issues: The check engine light can be triggered by problems with the catalytic converter. A catalytic converter is a major component in the emission control system. When it starts to fail, it can affect your engine performance and increase emissions. One of the ways your Audi can inform you of this problem is by turning the CEL on. It is vital to acknowledge and fix this issue as soon as possible.
  • Spark Plug or Ignition Coil Problems: If the spark plugs or ignition coils are bad, they will not provide the right amount of energy needed to ignite the fuel. This can cause rough idling and reduced performance of your Audi. As soon as your car notices this malfunction, it will signal the CEL to turn on.

What to Do When the Check Engine Light Comes On

  • Check the Gas Cap: When the CEL comes on in your Audi, it might sound surprising to know that a gas cap that is not tightened properly or one that is damaged can be the reason for the CEL illumination. The first step you should take when you see this light is to make sure your gas cap is tightly closed. While trying to close the gas cap, if you notice that it is broken or cracked, you might have to replace it. After replacing it, you can drive your Audi for some time to see if the light will go off.
  • Don’t Ignore It: Although the check light may not mean that there is a serious problem every single time it comes on, you should still not ignore it. Ignoring it can lead to more serious issues in the future. It is better to deal with the warning at the beginning than to wait for it to cause expensive damage before taking it to a repair shop.
  • Schedule a Diagnostic Test: If, despite all efforts, the check light still glares at you, it is time to start some detective work. Schedule a diagnostic test with a seasoned mechanic or Audi specialist. They’ll use their high-end diagnostic tools to retrieve error codes stored in your car’s computer and these codes are tested to determine precisely where the issue is.
  • Address the Problem: As soon as the reason behind the check light is discovered, don’t postpone the repairs, take action immediately. Leaving the problem for some other time could lead to further deterioration and more costly repairs in the future. So, approach the problem directly to make your Audi work again as it used to.

When addressing the check engine light, make sure that the job is done by a professional mechanic. This will ensure no additional damage is done to your car during repairs.

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