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One of the common problems BMW owners may face is oil leaking from the seal in the alternator and this problem can be dealt with easily if you take it to the right repair shop. The alternator seal is a small flat part located between the engine and the alternator. Its main purpose is to prevent oil loss in the alternator chamber of the vehicle. The alternator is also used to recharge the battery and to supply electrical current to the car’s electrical system when the engine is operating.

When the seal is compromised, oil finds its way into the alternator and may cause it to develop a problem or even stop working. This not only hampers the working of your BMW but can also lead to severe engine troubles. Here, we will look at a few reasons behind the oil leak from this seal and how to address the problem.

How You Can Know If There Is A Leak

Some of the ways you can know the alternator seal has a leak is when you see an oil spot, notice a burning smell of oil, or see the check light illuminated. As soon as you see these, don’t procrastinate, take the car to a professional.

Addressing the Issue

  • Consult a Professional: The first and arguably the most crucial step is to get your car to a known and reputable mechanic who preferably services BMWs. These professionals have the required knowledge and equipment for identifying the problem. They will examine your BMW and determine if it is the alternator seal that is leaking oil. If the problem is to be fixed, then it has to be diagnosed correctly in the first place.
  • Replace the Seal: If the mechanic finds out that the alternator seal is leaking then it will be required to be replaced. Replacing the seal is not a very complicated job for a professional mechanic but it requires the alternator to be pulled out to get to the seal. This will ensure that the new seal is well-fixed and the leakage issue is effectively dealt with. It is also important to use high quality spare parts so that similar problems do not occur in the future.
  • Check for Further Damage: When the mechanic is working on the car to fix the alternator seal, he should also look for any other damages that may have resulted from the leakage. The oil may also spread to the other parts of the engine including the alternator itself and other related parts. Your mechanic should check these areas for oil spills and replace or clean parts that may be a problem or prevent your engine from running efficiently.
  • Regular Maintenance: Once again the seal is replaced, it is important to maintain the vehicle and avoid any future leaking. Make sure that you do get a change of your engine oil as often as recommended using the right quality oil. New oil is essential to the good health of seals and other parts of the engine. It is advised that vehicles undergo regular check-ups since this will allow you to identify initial signs of wear which if not well dealt with may cause serious problems. If there is any sign of oil leaks or any strange smells coming from the engine, ensure that you are alert to spot it early. If you detect any of the symptoms, it is wise to seek a mechanic’s attention as soon as possible.

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At Fast Lane European, we are the BMW Alternator Seal Oil Leak Repair go-to BMW and luxury European car repair shop in San Jose, CA. This is due to the fact that we have built our reputation on offering reliable, efficient, and highly professional service that many drivers need for their cars to be properly maintained. If you see any signs of leakage of oil in your BMW, particularly from the alternator seal area, then this is a sign that the car needs the attention of a professional mechanic.

A damaged oil seal will result in oil leakage which if not fixed on time will lead to the wearing out of many other parts of the engine. Our ASE-certified technicians at Fast Lane European will diagnose the problem and fix it using genuine parts and equipment that are specific to BMW vehicles. You can also text us at (408) 985-2000, or feel free to call our helpline at (408) 985-1000 to set up an appointment for your BMW.