3 Critical Signs That You Need a Wheel Alignment

Proper wheel alignment is one of the most important maintenance tasks for car owners because it ensures the safety and preserves the integrity of your vehicle. Unfortunately, most people forget about their wheel alignments. While you may shrug off getting the service, you will definitely notice the signs of misalignment. Misaligned wheels can be harmful because they can increase your likelihood of hydroplaning. Your tires can lose traction with the road causing your car to spin out of control. Below are some of the top signs that indicate you need a wheel alignment.

Vehicle pulling to one side

If you're struggling to drive on a straight road and keep veering left or right, it's a definite sign that you need a wheel alignment. Please get your car to a trusted auto repair shop immediately.

Abnormal tire wear

Constantly monitoring your tires is an essential task that every car owner should partake in. One key factor when determining tire health is tire tread. If the tread is wearing thin in some areas more than others, you have abnormal tire wear. A professional can tell you if you need a tire alignment to correct this problem.

Crooked steering wheel

Your steering wheel should be centered whenever you're traveling on a straight road. To confirm that the steering wheel is straight, you can judge by looking at the logo emblem. If the logo is not centered on a straight path, you're due for a wheel alignment.


Wheel Alignment in San Jose, CA

If you notice any of the above symptoms, please reach out to our certified technicians for further assistance. Even though some of these signs may come off as subtle, they can worsen over time. You don't want to risk an accident. For reliable and safe alignments and other auto repairs, please bring your vehicle to Fast Lane European.