How to Replace the Clutch Slave Cylinder in Your Luxury Car

So you've bought the luxury car of your dreams, and everything has been going smoothly for a few years. The car has been everything you have been expecting and more. Then suddenly, there's a problem with your clutch slave cylinder and you don't know what to do about it. Let's take a look at the clutch slave cylinder, what it does, and where to go for help. This is a problem that can occur with high-performance automobiles that utilize manual transmissions. Some may not even know what a clutch slave cylinder does. No matter how obscure the part may seem to a layman, it is important to learn about your car if you want to maintain your high-performance import car. Oftentimes, luxury automobiles will need extra care and attention, but if you put in the proper time and effort, it will last you for many years. We will walk you through the function and use of a clutch slave cylinder and what to look o ... read more

How to Maintain a BMW 4 Series Coupe From Expert Mechanics in San Jose

BMW has been at the forefront of luxury motoring for decades. With constant innovations, high-tech gadgets, and punchy motoring it's not hard to see why. BMW's punchy, sport, coupes are often overlooked. However, with the release of the BMW 4 Series Coupe a few years ago, BMW has made sure that their coupes will no longer be ignored. Dynamic and agile while still having that classic BMW comfort and luxury feel, the 4 Series Coupe packs one hell of a punch. It has a high-performing engine for a thrilling driving experience and a sporty exterior performance to match. In this article, we will explore how to maintain the 4 Series Coupe to ensure that it performs as well as the day you bought it. We will also look at some of the common issues that need regular maintenance and servicing. Reliability BMW is a brand well known for a high reliability across their vehicles and is currently ranked at a strong 17/32 in an overall manufacturer reli ... read more

Causes for DSC Failure in Your BMW

BMWs are popular, well-liked cars for a reason. They are durable and reliable, and they provide a great driving experience for their owners, from both handling well and the power under the engine. However, that means it's even more evident when something about the BMW's handling is a little off, as it may well seem when you're dealing with DSC failure. What is the DSC System? DSC stands for ‘dynamic stability control'. The DSC system uses a variety of sensors to determine your driving style and adjust internal reactions to optimize the vehicle's performance. The overall performance of the vehicle is of course important, but this system is also a safety feature, as it also monitors environmental factors such as road conditions to help prevent things like loss of tire traction and fishtailing. The DSC system also works with the ABS ... read more

Accessing Your Car’s OBD-II Codes in San Jose

It can be discouraging if your check engine light comes on. You know that it means that your car is having an issue. You've probably heard that when the light is triggered, there is a code produced that lets your mechanic identify the potential problem. Bring your car into Fast Lane European, and we can run a diagnostic check and get your car fixed to turn the troublesome light off and get you back on your way quickly and efficiently. What is an OBD-II Code Diagnostic Trouble Codes, also known as DTC's, are used my vehicle manufactures to diagnose issues. The OBD-II, which is in light-duty vehicles, is able to identify and communicate to the technician what problem your vehicle is having. There are hundreds of codes that can be generated. Each code provides information about a specific issue. By allowing your mechanic to run an ... read more

Which is Better for Your Car in San Jose: Metallic or Ceramic Brake Pads

Brakes obviously play a vital role in your vehicle's ability to properly function. You want to make sure that you are investing the proper attention to your brakes. When it comes to changing the brake pads, you have a few options. It can be confusing and even overwhelming if you do not know what your options are or what the pros and cons are to each style. Brake pad technology has improved significantly over the years, many actually used to be made using asbestos. Now, the primary brake pad options are metallic and ceramic. However, you can also get organic ones too. By having a good understanding of each, you will know how they influence the performance of your car. If you are unsure about what benefits are right for you and your vehicle, you can always contact your mechanic and get professional advice from them. It is always recommended to have a mechanic you ... read more