Reasons Behind Cooling Fan Module Failure in a Volvo

Many Volvo drivers have experienced the dreaded cooling fan modular failure. All components of a vehicle can fail, but this module seems to fail more often than it should. Drivers often notice there is an issue when their cooling fan continues to run, or the air conditioner quits cooling.

Volvos that have been involved in a front-end collision are at a higher chance of experiencing cooling fan module failure.

What is a cooling fan module?

The cooling fan module prevents your engine from overheating. It does so by increasing airflow around the engine. The cooling fan module is only turned on when the engine is too hot. If the engine gets too hot and it is not cooled down, internal parts will wear out faster. It is also possible to experience complete engine failure.

Symptoms of a Failing Cooling Fan Module

The cooling fan module is a very important component in your Volvo. Once it begins to fail, you will begin to experience problems. Some symptoms you may notice include:

Engine Overheating

If the fan is not cooling the engine, it can overheat. Never drive your car with an engine that is overheating. The longer you drive it, the more damage will be incurred, and you will likely experience complete engine failure. As soon as your engine begins to overheat, pull off the road immediately and call for help.

The Fan Quits Running

If the module fails, the fan will quit running. When the fan quits, your engine will experience overheating.

The Fan Runs Non-Stop

A faulty module will allow the fan to run continuously. The fan should only be turned on when the engine temperature begins to get too hot. Once it gets the temperature down, it should turn back off.

Lack of Fresh Air in the Cabin

Fresh air in your cabin is also circulated by the cooling fan. You may begin to notice that it always feels hot and stuffy. Also, the air you get from your A/C will be warmer than usual.

Fixing the Cooling Fan Module

A faulty cooling fan module can easily be replaced. Before doing so, it is important that you have your certified Volvo mechanic check to make sure that the module itself is the problem. There are many reasons why your module may not seem to be working. Unlike other issues, a failing module will not trigger your check engine light. Having a professional diagnose the problem can save you money from a misdiagnosis.

Preventing Cooling Fan Module Failure

There isn't a way that you can prevent your cooling fan module from failing, but having routing services and scheduled maintenance performed will help protect your Volvo. Maintenance is key to prolonging your car's life. Taking care of problems when they are small will help to reduce the risk of future failures.

Fast Lane European Provides Dealership Quality Service

If you experience cooling fan module failure in your Volvo, you do not have to take your car to a dealership for service. Many people have the misunderstanding that only a dealership can service their car. This is not the case. We can provide the same dealership quality service at a fraction of the cost.

We offer the following services for many of the popular Volvo models:

  • Alignment
  • Emergency repairs
  • Power steering diagnosis and repair
  • Routine maintenance
  • Systems inspections

We Offer Free Second Opinions

Getting a second opinion on car repairs isn't something that many consumers do, but by doing so, you can save yourself money and time. Many service centers will take advantage of people. We don't want you to get ripped off. Just bring in the recommendation that you received from the other company and one of our expert mechanics will perform a visual inspection. They will either confirm or deny the recommendation. This is for visual inspections only.

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