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Everyone has a certain number of bad driving habits that are hard to admit. While acts like forgetting to use a turn signal or riding the brakes can annoy other drivers on the road, many poor driving practices can hurt the integrity of your vehicle. Here is Fast Lane European’s list of the most common driving habits that can harm your car and how you can avoid doing it!


Going over a speed bump too quickly is a driving practice that can compromise your automobile’s alignment. Speed bumps are made to keep both pedestrians and drivers safe by slowing down cars. Your vehicle can especially take a blow if your car rides too low. Hitting a speed bump in a certain way can put a dent in your bumpers or even wound components in the vehicle’s undercarriage.


Similar to speed bumps, potholes are just as dangerous for your automobile. They can be creeping on you anywhere. These tricky road marks can do more than give you a bumpy ride. When you hit a pothole head-on, they can damage your car’s suspension, steering, and wheel alignment. To prevent this problem, we highly advise you to stay alert as much as possible when behind the wheel. In some events, decelerating can help by minimizing the impact and potential damages of a pothole.


Many people may not know this, but you have to use your parking brake, or e-brake, every time you park—no matter what kind of surface you park on. Bumpy or flat, please remember to use your emergency brake before getting out of your car to ease the burden put on your transmission.


Your dashboard lights are essentially a distress signal, and your car is desperate for help! Leaving these lights unattended could leave you stranded or stuck with extensive (and costly) repairs. We recommend that you pay more attention to your dashboard. Whenever something comes on, you need to hurry on over to your trusted mechanic.

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