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The summertime is a good time to have your vehicle’s braking system checked out. In most places, the weather will be hotter, which could strain various car components. Plus, you don’t want to be in a slippery situation when it does rain during the summer. With all the braking you do on an everyday basis, we recommend having your brake pads, calipers, brake fluid, rotors, and more checked.

A comprehensive brake service at Fast Lane European will include a thorough inspection of the braking components. The primary goal is to ensure that your brake components can properly slow down and stop your vehicle. If we find any parts with excessive wear or damage, then we will repair or replace them.


Brake pads are a commonly replaced car part. Every time you engage your brakes, friction is increased between the pads and the rotors. Over time, the surfaces wear down. When they wear thin, you may notice squeaking or grinding sounds.


Calipers are hydraulically driven, and they look like clamps that squeeze the brake pads against the rotors. After many uses, this part is susceptible to rust and road debris, which can cause them to be sticky. You may have poor responding brakes as a result.


The metal disc that you can see behind your wheel is the brake rotor. If you do a poor job of taking care of your brakes, the rotors can become warped or damaged. They can also get dirty and rusty.


Brake fluid is the lifeline of your vehicle’s braking system. The pressure of the fluid is necessary to engage all other brake parts. When you run low on brake fluid, the first thing you should do is check for leaks. Over time, your brake fluid may need top-offs and changes.

Let the experts at Fast Lane European take care of all your brake maintenance and repairs. We welcome you to give us a call or visit our San Jose, CA auto repair shop today.