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There are many ways you can go green without needing a car change. Start with switching to renewable fuels. Fuels such as biodiesel are made from renewable resources, unlike alternatives such as gasoline. This method also reduces emissions.

Secondly is the most efficient method in the book. Avoid driving your car. Take a break from your car and instead walk or cycle to destinations. Especially if you are moving along short distances, you don’t need to drive there. By walking and cycling, you cut emissions by 100%. Can it get better than this?

You can also be keeping an eye on your tires. Besides changing them regularly, you can make sure they maintain the required pressure. Running on deflated and unbalanced tires increases emissions and reduces the gas mileage. Use a pressure gauge every morning before driving off to prevent this from happening. This routine will help you catch a deflated tire beforehand. Related to reducing your emissions, declutter your car and offload unnecessary luggage from your vehicle. The extra weight will drive up your emissions and, in the process, increase fuel consumption.

Another critical intervention is to learn efficient driving. First, learn how to shift gears smoothly. You can improve this skill to boost your overall car efficiency. Secondly, learn how to navigate smoothly on the road. Driving smoothly means you drive slower and avoid breaking too often. Maintaining your momentum on the road benefits boosts your gas mileage and reduces emissions.

Last but not least, is to have your car checked and serviced regularly. Keeping a tight routine for your vehicle saves you money, reduces energy use, and reduces pollution. Therefore, whenever you can, have your oil change alongside your engine to make sure your car is running as efficiently as possible.

If you have trouble marking your schedule, we have experts that can help you with that. So you don’t have to wait until your car breaks down for you to visit a dealership. If you have any doubts and want your vehicle checked, drive to Fast Lane European and let us handle it.