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Many vehicles out on the road today have a substantially more complex electrical framework to control things like DVD players, automatic controls for doors and windows, navigation systems, mobile devices, and satellite radio. What’s more, dashboard displays are no longer limited to telling you the emergency brake is on or showing you with the feared check engine light.

Presently, numerous vehicles are intended to monitor tire pressure in each of the four tires, let you know whether a door is open, track the outdoor temperature, and much more. While this technology can be very helpful and convenient, the complex electrical framework can increase the possibility of something going wrong. All these components rely on electricity, so when you replace your battery, you may have some issues. Let’s take a look at those below.


More demand for carmakers to include certain functions has required modern vehicles to use computers that connect to the battery. There can be in excess of 20 modules on every vehicle, and a large number of these modules have a type of “learned” memory, which might be lost when the battery is disconnected. This can cause something minor; however, it can likewise prompt engine stalling or a failed smog inspection.

Have you ever gotten a dashboard message you aren’t familiar with, and need to break out the proprietor’s manual or find it on the web? Most of us have. If you replaced your car battery and the vehicle still won’t start, there are various things that may have gone wrong. Disconnecting a battery on a PC prepared vehicle may cause starting, driveability and various other issues, including loss of coolingcontrol frill capacities such as entryway windows, seats, sunroof, false warning lights, even harm to certain electronic modules.


In case you’re encountering electrical issues following a battery replacement, ensure the battery cables were reattached and tightened down appropriately. Super human strength isn’t essential. However, the links ought to be cozy and not move around or fall off of the battery.

Some of the time, the answer for an electrical issue is really direct, such as change out a relay or wiring damaged or worn out over time. It is common to resort to giving your vehicle a reboot now and then to fix electrical issues. The process is fairly simple: Disconnect the battery from the two terminals, contact them together, wait five minutes, then reconnect. Usually it gets that electrical issue unstuck, similar rebooting your router to get your internet working again.

You can likewise check your owner’s manual for any methods or drive cycles you can perform to “instruct” the vehicle abilities it might have lost while the battery was separated. On the off chance that both of those are performed but the issue is still there, your vehicle may require a unique computer to re-introduce the modules that lost memory, which may require the help of a specialist from a certified shop close to you for treatment.


As technology in vehicles has become more complex, it has turned out to be increasingly more important that power is provided to the electrical framework while the battery is disengaged, in any capacity whatsoever, in order to avoid this issue.

Fortunately, there are many “memory sparing” gadgets accessible that can be connected to the cigarette lighter, such as a small 9 volt battery, the Keep Alive Memory (KAM) saver. When utilized accurately, these $20 plug-in battery memory savers can supply enough capacity to the modules while the battery is detached so they don’t lose their memory.

Make certain to follow all manufacturer directions on the off chance that you utilize any of these “memory sparing” gadgets. A large portion of these gadgets utilize a little battery to supply control. Opening a door or turning the car on with the primary battery separated can make the battery in the gadget lose power.


Ultimately, diagnosing a vehicle’s electrical problems can be pretty complex, and it may require the help of a specialist from a certified shop close to you for treatment. The expert European automotive mechanics at Fast Lane European in San Jose, CA can help. If you’d like us to inspect your vehicle’s electrical issues or would like to learn more about our qualifications working with European cars, please call us right away. Fast Lane European offers a full spectrum service of experiencefriendliness, and affordability. We look forward to getting you back in the fast lane as quickly and as smoothly as possible.