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Keeping your kids comfortable and cooled down in the car this summer is our responsibility as parents. Did you know that young children are more sensitive to harsh temperatures than adults, and the consequences of the summer heat can be dangerous? Whether you’re preparing to embark on a family road trip this summer or solely using the car to run errands, these tips to keep cool will keep the entire family happy.

Consider having your car windows tinted. Your car windows are the culprit of attracting and trapping the heat in your car. As you’re cruising around, the sun on the side of the vehicle can cause sunburn or extreme discomfort. Tinted windows will decrease the temperature inside of your car considerably. There are no laws in California that restrict the tint level of the back and rear seat windows, so that means they can be tinted as dark as you would like.

Use a sunshade for your windows. Consider getting these if you don’t want to invest in getting a permanent window tint. We’ve all seen the windshield coverings that sometimes look like aluminum foil, but you can get shades for your cabin windows. The cover will keep your seats cooler and children in the shade.

Have iced water at hand. Whenever you embark on a long car ride with children, bring an ample supply of ice and water. Doing so will ensure that everyone is adequately hydrated and refreshed.

Get air conditioning maintenance. At the start of spring or summer, try to have your car’s air conditioning system inspected. Our professional team of mechanics will be able to check if there’s a leak in the system. We will ensure you have plenty of coolant to ensure your air conditioning is blowing out optimal cold air. Lastly, we will check your filters and make sure you breathe clean air.

We hope these tips help you and your family stay cool for the summer. If you require air conditioning services or any other auto repair, give us a call or stop by Fast Lane European today!