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Pancakes are one of the most enjoyed breakfast items. There’s nothing better than smelling hot pancakes being made except for the smell of nice warm syrup for your pancakes. While you do expect to smell syrup when having pancakes, you don’t want to smell syrup in your car. What should you do when you’re smelling syrup in your car?

If you’re smelling syrup in your car, there may be an issue with your antifreeze coolant. Antifreeze coolant circulates in your car’s defroster and heater. If you are smelling the sweet smell of syrup inside your car, there may be a leak in your heater core. If this is what has caused this smell, you may also notice there is a sticky film once you have used your defroster. Also, if you notice there’s a wet spot on your carpet that also smells like syrup or the heat in your car doesn’t work, then you just may have a small hole causing antifreeze coolant to leak.

If by chance you notice the smell of syrup outside your car, you may have an antifreeze coolant leaking on the engine compartment of your vehicle. Knowing that coolant circulates throughout the radiator, hoses, engine, as well as heater core, it can affect different areas if there is a leak.

You never want to drive your car if you have a coolant leak. Coolant helps regulate the temperature of the engine so your vehicle doesn’t overheat. It also helps transfer temperature in terms of heating your vehicle, and for the defroster to be used. Driving your car with low coolant can severely affect the way your car operates. It can lead to your engine overheating which may cause a lot of other issues you don’t want.

Whenever you smell the scent of syrup in your car and you didn’t forget a takeout box of pancakes, you want to immediately get that checked out. You want to have an inspection performed to look for a coolant leak and get it repaired.

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