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The weather has finally started to cool in San Jose, making it an optimal time to give your vehicle a little extra love for the winter. Summer heat is harsh on your car, but winter also places a few additional demands on your fragile engine parts. If you’re planning on end-of-the-year road trips or want top vehicle performance going into 2021, maintenance should be the main priority. Winter car care is your opportunity to improve fuel efficiency, boost safety, and improve drivability. Below we have listed a few essential car components to check to prepare your European vehicle for the winter.

Check the lights:
During the winter, the sun sets earlier, and you may find yourself doing more at night. Take time to check that your headlights and brake lights are working and fully functional. This can increase safety when it’s dark and prevent any unexpected fix-it tickets.

Check the battery:
Extreme temperatures during the summer cause the car battery to decrease its capacity and die faster. Check your battery’s life to ensure it’s healthy enough to get your vehicle through the winter. Your battery may seem fair now, but leaving any electrical component can completely drain it.

Tire Pressure and Tread Depth:
Low tire pressure doesn’t just cause your tires to under-perform; it also decreases their lifespan. The manufacturer’s guidelines for your tire pressure is printed on the door panel of your vehicle. Tire pressure is easy to check if you have a tire gauge, and you can typically fix any discrepancies at the gas station. Tire tread depth can inform you of potential problems with your vehicle. Ensure your tire tread is wearing evenly; if they aren’t, it’s time to seek assistance. Uneven tire tread can indicate that your car may have a wheel alignment, suspension, or balance issue.

Check the Windshield Wiper Fluid:
The winter brings about a bit more chance for rain in San Jose. It’s essential to step out of your vehicle and inspect the windshield wipers. Ensure the windshield wiper’s rubber isn’t broken or torn because it won’t effectively clean the windshield. Additionally, pop the hood and check the windshield wiper fluid. If the windshield wiper fluid is low, you can top it off with additional liquid.

Check the Coolant:
Coolant is essential for all European vehicle functions; it controls various engine parts and fluids’ temperature. It prevents your engine from overheating in hot climates and freezing during the cold. Coolant is typically a lime green, sweet-smelling fluid. While the vehicle is cold, pop the hood and check the coolant. Make sure the coolant is filled and free of any debris. If you notice pollutants inside the coolant, reach out to us for an inspection. It may be time for a coolant flush.

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