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With the new year fast approaching, it’s time for new projects and fresh starts. People are different, making new year’s resolutions to better their lives. And as they do this, they often neglect their vehicles’ care. As you come up with your resolutions, do not forget that of your car too. Here are a few things to consider:


Part of maintaining a healthy car is ensuring it’s well lubricated. Therefore, you should consider getting routine oil changes or even changing it yourself and checking your vehicle’s oil levels from time to time. Changing your oil regularly is essential, and without doing so, you risk your car from getting damaged permanently. Make 2021 the year you make a habit of frequently checking your oil levels, at least once a month.


If you were reluctant about making regular car maintenance appointments in 2020, then your first new year’s plan should be to visit your mechanic. Keeping up with maintenance can be very overwhelming, but if you avoid it, then you could face bigger and more expensive problems in the future. Some of the most critical care maintenance you should consider include tire care, your vehicle’s air filter, oil changes, and brake pads.

Maintaining your car’s brake pads is easy since you only have to replace them once every year. Over the year, the pads can wear out and become thin resulting in severe damage. Replacing the air filters is also relatively easy and is often done at the same time when your oil is changed. Replacing them ensures your engine work efficiently without any clogs.


It is important to check your fluids and follow a strict maintenance schedule, and what better time to start this than this coming year? Regularly checking your vehicle’s fluid levels and replacing them when needed can help you avoid common car repairs. You can do this efficiently by setting calendar reminders on your phone and making notes of the levels.

If you need maintenance performed to get your car ready for the New Year, we invite you to bring your vehicle into our auto repair shop today!