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Knowing how much fuel you have is very important, as you never want to run out of gas. However, it is important to keep in mind that your fuel gauge might not always be accurate. Keeping track of your fuel mileage can help you know if there is a problem. A large variation in fuel mileage or fluctuations in the gauge can indicate that you have a problem.


Did you fill up your tank, but it still showed empty? Or does it always show full even though you have driven two hundred miles? Keeping an eye out for these common issues will allow you to know when your fuel gauge is malfunctioning.

Bizarre Gauge Readings

If your gauge is malfunctioning, it is common for it to stick on full or empty. In some cases, if you hit a bump hard enough, the gauge might free itself and begin to work normally again. It can also have erratic readings. If your gauge sticks on empty it has experienced a complete failure.


Make it a habit to monitor your mileage. Fuel mileage will vary, but if there is a significant change you might have an issue. If you have a faulty gauge, this can lead to you running out of gas. If you run out of gas, you can end up in an accident or stranded alongside the road. Paying attention to your mileage can also be beneficial in finding other issues as well.


Faulty Fuel Sending Unit

The fuel sending unit is located in the fuel tank. It reads the fuel level and tells the fuel gauge how much fuel you have. The unit is made up of an armfloat and a resistor. The float sits on the surface of the fuel. When the level drops so does the arm and float. This tells your gauge that fuel needs to be added to the tank. To diagnose a faulty fuel sending unit you need special equipment to perform the diagnostics.

Bad Fuse

A blown fuse can be the reason that your fuel gauge isn’t acting properly. This is generally an easy fix, as the fuse will only need to be pulled out and replaced.

Wiring That is Old and Worn Out

Old and worn out wiring can cause an issue with your fuel gauge readings. Wires can become corroded and damaged. If they are not functioning properly, they will send faulty information to the fuel gauge. If you have an electrical issue, it can be difficult to locate where the problem lies. Hiring a certified mechanic that is knowledgeable with electrical issues can help you rectify the problem. They know the ins and out of the electrical system and know the potential sources that are likely causing the issue. They can take care of it quickly and resolve the problem without all of the frustration. Sometimes, all that needs to be done is cleaning and tightening the wires, while in other cases the wiring may need to be replaced.


We are able to offer you dealership quality service without the high prices. With almost 14 years of factory training and the latest diagnostic equipment, we are able to diagnose and fix any fuel gauge problem that you are having. We even offer free second opinions when it comes to visual inspections. Just bring us a recommendation from another repair facility, and we will give you our recommendation.

We know that your vehicle is important to you and your daily life. We want to get it fixed as quickly and smoothly as possible so you can get back on the road.

Our Certifications:

  • ASE Advanced Level Specialist
  • ASE Certified Air Conditioning Refrigerant Recovery & Recycling
  • ASE Master Technician
  • Associate Degree in Automotive Technology
  • Automotive Technician – Inspection & Maintenance
  • California Smog Technician
  • Volvo Master Service Technician
  • We service BMW vehicles as well!


If you are experiencing issues with your fuel gauge or are having any other issues with your European car, give Fast Lane European a call. We are the best BMWMini, and Volvo service & maintenance team in the San Jose, CA area. You can reach us at 408-985-1000.