Spring Maintenance Checklist for Your Vehicle

Just like you prepare your car for winter, so should you prep it for spring and summer. Weather conditions change, and temperatures begin to rise in spring, and getting your vehicle professionally serviced ensures safe driving, improves your vehicle's resale value, and extends its longevity.

Below is a checklist to help you ready your car for spring.

Have an Oil and Filter Change

Your engine oil helps in cleaning the motor's internal parts and regulates operational temperatures. As the oil ages, it becomes contaminated with dirt and debris and causing the filter to clog. It's critical to have the engine oil and filter checked and changed to ensure the engine operates at maximum performance in spring.

Check the Battery

In winter, your car battery works harder than intended as the low temperatures tend to slow down chemical reactions. By summer, the battery is usually corroded. Summer temperatures also increase chemical reactions and speed up the evaporation of the battery's electrolyte. You can avoid battery failures in spring by testing and replacing them (if necessary) after winter.

Swap Out Winter Tires; Check Tire Pressure and Tread Depth

While winter tires feature flexible tread to deliver high traction on icy roads, they are not as effective and safe for spring weather. What you need are summer or all-season tires, specifically designed for dry and wet weather. Temperature changes also affect tire pressure, and you also need to check that as you wait for summer. Moreover, ensure that the tire treads are of adequate depth for better control and handling when thunderstorms hit in summer.

Replace the Wipers and Replenish the Wiper Fluid

In winter, windshield wipers turn into "workhorses," frequently deployed to clear away snow and ice. By spring, they might start failing. Additionally, the wiper fluid becomes depleted, and that will bring problems when you need to wipe off rain or clean the windshield in spring and summer. Be proactive; replace the wipers and refill the wiper fluid to get ahead of the changing seasons.

Do you need professional auto care and maintenance services to prepare your car for spring? We invite you to bring your vehicle to our automotive service and repair center today!