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Coolant is the fluid that flows around the engine block to help keep the temperature of the engine down, in your vehicle it is often a mix of antifreeze with water. The main components of the engine cooling system include the radiator, water pump, cooling fan, coolant, thermostat, intercooler, multiple hoses and clamps.

The coolant flows through these multiple components, the radiator cools the fluid that then travels around the engine block where it absorbs heat, helping keep the engine temperature at optimum operating temperatures. When the fluid is low, mostly water, or the incorrect type it can not do its job which means your engine could overheat. If your engine overheats you can do serious damage to your vehicle such as a cracked head.

To protect your vehicle, and your wallet, it’s best to flush the coolant at the factory recommended intervals and if your coolant light comes on add antifreeze or take your vehicle to see us. If your engine is running hot, the coolant light on, or a fluid leaking from your engine, please bring your vehicle in for an inspection. Note: Never allow your engine to overheat, if you see the temperature gauge approach the red line pull your vehicle over safely and stop the engine.

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