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Many people know that they should get regular oil changes for their vehicle as part of a maintenance program for their vehicles. However, many people also do not have any idea what engine oil is, let alone how it affects the car and the way it works. In a luxurious car such as a MINI, it is important to maintain its integrity to enjoy the benefits of driving a nice car. When it comes to oil changes, repairs should be done every 3,000 miles or every 3 months.


When someone mentions oil, greasy French fries or delectable pizza typically comes to mind. Engine oil, on the other hand, is not for eating but instead used in engines to keep the parts rubbing smoothly past each other. The same way that cooking oil helps the food to slide along a frying pan, engine oil coats the internal parts of a car’s engine to help them slide side-by-side each other, as opposed to colliding and gripping each other.

Over time, however, the engine oil can be contaminated or run low, resulting in a disability to properly lubricate the parts any longer. To ensure that the car functions properly and remains reliable for the longest amount of time possible, understanding engine oil is essential to maximize the potential of your vehicle.


Put simply, engine oil is a liquid substance that is slowly applied to the engine parts to ensure that all parts are well-lubricated. Without lubrication, the engine can get clogged very easily with the buildup of sludge. The result is an engine that does not produce power efficiently, using more fuel to provide the same acceleration. In more serious cases, the high amounts of friction resulting from sludge buildup within the engine can lead to irreparable damage to the engine and can even result in an explosion. Obviously, this is a very dangerous threat whose risk should be minimized.

Therefore, it is very important to have sufficient engine oil at all times, as well as receive regular oil changes. However, not every oil change is treated equal. The type of oil is also important because if the oil is incompatible with the type of engine, it may not produce its intended effects and even add to the original amount of sludge being produced. So, for a MINI, the safest choice is to have oil checked by professionals, who not only know how to do it quickly and painlessly but also know which oil is best suited for your engine and gasoline.


Although an oil change might sound easy, it can also be very complicated for inexperienced mechanics. For example, an indicator that the oil needs to be changed is that it comes out black. The degree of contamination is based on the darkness of the oil, and only an experienced professional would know how to gauge the integrity of the oil, if it needs to be changed, and if so, what it should be changed to.

An element as important and essential to operating the car itself, the oil change should be performed by experienced professionals who are knowledgeable about different motor oils and their effects to the car. They have the skills and experience to use the highest quality lubricants appropriate for your specific vehicle to ensure the best performance for the longest period of time. For example, synthetic lubricants may be preferred over organic ones because they may be customized for better performance in certain models, whereas organic ones may be better for others.

All of these factors, among others, are all the more reason to take your vehicle to Fast Lane European, located San JoseCA, where our experienced car mechanics can get your oil changed and have you back on the road in a flash. Everyone knows the feeling of driving a groggy car that jerks often and cannot keep steady. The most probable reason for this is sludge buildup in the engine from old engine oil. So, after a simple oil change at Fast Lane European, you can live the experience of driving a new car whenever you please.