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Your Mini Cooper is an iconic automobile, world renowned for its compact look, smooth drivability, and durability under any type of conditions. Despite Mini’s well-earned reputation, the Mini Cooper does have its mechanical faults. One of the top problems that Mini Coopers have is the failure of the engine mount. The engine mount is the apparatus that holds the engine in place and keeps the engine from transferring its vibration and movement to the rest of the car. Needless to say, you cannot really drive your automobile effectively, if at all, with a broken or malfunctioning engine mount. These types of malfunctions are easily handled by a skilled technician, so there is no need to panic. We will go over some tips that may help you out if you notice a fault with your Mini Cooper’s engine mount.


If your Mini Cooper is suffering from a broken engine mount, it will present clear signs of a malfunction that any driver will be able to spot. The most obvious, crystal-clear sign is the shakes, vibrations, and tremors that will undeniably result from the engine not being held in the right place as the car is in motion. You will then have to test the movability of the engine. If the engine is moving around too much, you have a failed engine mount. The car will also not drive as well as usual because of these violent vibrations.

The suspension as well as the steering and overall handling of the car will be different, rendering the automobile nearly impossible to drive. The main engine mount also contains oil, so if this ruptures, you will experience leaking. These signs will make themselves readily apparent, and you will not have to sit around and wonder whether or not you have a problem with your engine mount. You will have to immediately tow your Mini Cooper to a trustworthy mechanic who specializes in your specific automobile.


Engine mount malfunctions in a Mini Cooper usually originate from the same problems that every automobile has during its lifespan. The main culprit to suspect in a broken engine mount is simply normal wear and tear. Miles upon miles of high-stress and high-speed highway driving will certainly take a toll on the engine mount over time.

Another all-too-common problem leading to a malfunctioning engine mount is an improper installation. Sometimes during assembly or repair, a mount can be slightly crooked or not affixed to the frame of the automobile tightly enough. While this is a relatively simple repair, you must visit a mechanic immediately, as this can lead to engine failure if the problem is allowed to persist. When you are the owner of a high-performance import like the Mini Cooper, you cannot afford to be lazy with warning signs. Once your engine shows any remote possibility of malfunction or failure, you must be vigilant.


There is really only one option to consider when your Mini Cooper has a malfunctioning engine mount: take your car in for service. Under no circumstances should you continue to drive your car with a broken engine mount. This will only lead to more serious problems with your engine itself, making repairs far more costly and potentially breaking the engine itself.

The only option under these dire circumstances is to choose a repair shop for your Mini. If you live in the San Jose, CA area or surrounding communities, consider yourself lucky. You have the best imported car mechanics right in your own backyard.

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