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The BMW is a powerhouse of a performance vehicle. Drivers are drawn to their ability to pick up speed and handle sharp curves. Due to their German engineering, BMW’s are widely accepted as being long-lasting vehicles that can power and luxury.

However, with great power comes great responsibility, and owning a BMW is no exception. Owners need to understand the importance of specialized care and regular maintenance in order to achieve sustainability and a long life from their BMW. Aside from routine inspections and oil changes, there is a small yet vital part of every BMW that needs special attention: the fuel injector.

In the early 1990‘s, fuel injection systems were manually controlled by drivers and technicians. The carburetors needed adequate “warm-up” times before being able to take off. As the modern vehicle began to evolve, computerized units began controlling the fuel injection systems. Cars are now ready to drive as soon as they are turned on. This feature isn’t limited to specific environmental factors, either. Unlike older vehicles, in severely hot or extreme cold, the car is able to generate power and get moving immediately — thanks in large part to modern fuel injectors.


Each BMW has its own unique fuel injector that varies from model to model. In order for your BMW to perform at its highest potential, the fuel injector must be up-to-date. Rightly so, because this intricate detail plays a major role in your car’s ability to utilize power. By using pressure and impeccable timing, the fuel injector projects gasoline directly into the engine.

Working as a silent mathematician, the fuel injector enables the engine to create combustion with an accurate fuel to oxygen ratio. A strong and accurate fuel injector makes the engine’s job easier. When encountering trouble with the fuel injector, the engine is put under a large amount of stress. The combustion process is compromised which could eventually lead to engine damage.


Aside from ensuring that your vehicle is driveable, a fuel injector system increases fuel efficiency. This environmentally friendly solution places a cap on the amount of gas needed. This means better mileage and fewer emissions. In addition, you are able to go longer without replacing these parts, as they are more durable and reliable than their predecessors.


When a fuel injector isn’t properly cared for, the results may vary. Symptoms include rough idlinglimited fuel efficiencybad exhaust smells, and irregular acceleration. The most common causes of decreased performance are when the fuel injectors become clogged, damaged, or over-worked. As a BMW owner, you understand how costly replacing parts can get. In order to reduce unnecessary spending and keep the integrity of your car, it’s important to maintain the fuel injectors of your BMW. Below are a few tips on how to do so.


Clogged or dirty fuel injectors are one of the first signs of damage. In order to keep them shiny and new, implement fuel injector cleaning into your maintenance routine. There are two ways to clean your system that are less-intensive and do not require parts being taken apart. The first method is to pour additives into your fuel tank. They will run through the system and remove any toxins or pollutants.

The second method involves a pressurized injector that can be connected to your vehicle’s fuel rail. Your engine is able to run off of the cleaner produced by the canister as opposed to the fuel. When this occurs, your injectors are thoroughly cleaned. A third, more intrusive way to clean your injectors is to remove them from your car and clean them using ultrasonic tools. A service technician can then test the fuel injectors to ensure that they run and operate correctly.


Routine inspections are necessary for BMW owners as they keep you up-to-date and aware of what’s going on with your vehicle. Always schedule routine appointments in order to ensure that your BMW is operating up to par. If you notice that your car is exhibiting signs of clogged or old fuel injectors, it’s imperative that you bring it in for service.

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