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Mercedes-Benz is a brand name that has been synonymous with class and luxury for decades. At Fast Lane European, we have highly experienced technicians trained to take the best care of Euro cars, such as Mercedes-Benz. As a specialty shop, we would like to spread these helpful maintenance practices that will keep your Mercedes-Benz running smoothly for a long time.


The engine is the heart of your Mercedes-Benz, which is why it is so critical to monitor your oil levels. To avoid complications in your Mercedes-Benz’s lifetime, you should take your car to our shop for regular oil changes to keep its engine happy and healthy. The other benefit of routine oil changes is that they will ensure optimal performance of your car and maximize your gas mileage.


You may be used to only checking on your fluids if you run out entirely. However, it is excellent to check the levels at least every couple of months or even once a month. Your car’s essential fluids include your oil, transmission, coolant, brake, and power steering fluid. If you have trouble finding and reading your fluid levels, our technicians would be glad to take a look!


You should often take time to inspect your tires and check on their tread and pressure. It is highly recommended that you have your Mercedes-Benz tires replaced as soon as you notice that they have worn down. Don’t forget – healthy tires should also be rotated and balanced for even wear.


It would be best if you occasionally changed out your air filters as it helps in increasing fuel efficiency, enhancing acceleration, and overall allowing your engine a nice flow of circulation. A dirty air filter will restrict the air circulation from reaching your machine, and you will be at risk of an overheating engine.

If you have a Mercedes-Benz, you are fortunate to have such an elegant ride. With such a high-class car, you should be responsible for taking care of it. If you have any questions regarding Mercedes-Benz maintenance, we invite you to give us a call or bring your vehicle to our shop.