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We heavily rely on our vehicles for our daily tasks and it can be extremely frustrating if your car will not start. If this is happening to you there can be multiple causes.

Suspect number one: the battery.

Perhaps your vehicle needs a jumpstart. You will need battery cables, if you do not carry them with you ask around, there is a good chance someone else does. Here is one tutorial on how to jumpstart:

Start the car that After your jumpstart look into why the battery failed in the first place so that it does not happen to you again.

Suspect number two: the starter.

If your battery is charged and your car will not start you may have an issue with your starter. Unfortunately there is no “parking lot quick fix” for this issue. Tow it to your shop and have the vehicle inspected.

Suspect number three: lack of fuel.

If your fuel gauge is not operating right, or you did not notice the gauge and your tank is empty, that is a quick fix. However if your fuel pump or fuel filter have failed that is a bigger issue and should be inspected.

Suspect number four: electrical issues.

Electrical issues is a broad statement and sometimes so can be the problem. From loose connections to a faulty computer the electrical problems can be wide and varied. It is best to have them looked at and resolved by a mechanic that specializes in your brand of vehicle.

Suspect number five: ignition switch.

If the key simply will not turn in the ignition then you will most likely need a new ignition switch.

Suspect number six: release tab

Sometimes the release tab in the shifter (for Volvos with automatic transmissions) does not fully release so your vehicle does not recognize that it is in park and therefore it will not start. You can wiggle it out as a temporary solution but remember to get the shifter replaced as it can be burdensome to do it every time you want to start your car.

If your Volvo or BMW is experiencing a starting issue please give us a call so that we may resolve that for you.