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Only a fraction of car owners go through their manufacturer’s manual to know the meaning of various warning lights that flash on the dashboard. Therefore, most of them get confused when the power steering warning light illuminates. The problem is that one cannot tell what has caused the light to flash. The light can only go away after diagnosing and fixing the problem. If left unsolved, it may lead to safety risks.


The power steering warning light is often amber or red with the image of the steering wheel and an exclamation mark. If you have an electric power steering, the light might illuminate behind an EPS sign, which stands for electric power steering.


The problem causing the power steering warning light to appear on your car’s dash varies, depending on the steering system. If your car has a hydraulic steering system, the most likely culprit is decreasing power steering fluid levels. The likely cause for that is a transmission leak within one of the hoses. When you notice the warning light flashing while you’re driving, pull over and check the fluid level. The problem with driving a car with a flashing power steering warning light is that it damages the power assist. You’ll be able to drive the car, but turning the steering wheel will be a challenge, requiring extra caution when driving.

A temporary solution for the problem is to refill the system with the correct fluid, and the light will immediately disappear. You need to take the vehicle to a certified technician to repair any damages or fissures within the system that cause the fluid leak to fix the problem permanently.

In vehicles with EPS systems, the warning light won’t indicate decreasing fluid levels because the system uses no fluid. Simply restarting the motor can turn off the light because the vehicle’s computer system usually mistakes errors within the system with actual steering problems. A quick restart restores the proper system function. If the problem persists, that’s your cue to take the car to a certified mechanic for in-depth computer diagnostics and repairs.

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