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Purchasing a BMW is a choice made by many because of its reputation for both luxury and dependability. You can count on your BMW always performing at a level that sets it apart from other brands. In addition to this, you know that no matter what model you choose it will have style. Each model is made to look beautifully different. They are all made to turn heads, so you can always be proud of the impression your vehicle leaves. We also know that you chose a BMW because they are safe and long lasting. It is the perfect vehicle for you and your family.

As the years go on, your BMW is going to be subject to wear and tear, no matter how many routine checkups you have done. One of the issues that can appear with old age has to do with the ignition module. The ignition module is key in ensuring that your engine is going to run properly. The ignition module will receive signals from the crankshaft. These signals will then be sent to the engine so the engine can know when to fire. This cycle will then constantly repeat.

Knowing the signs that are associated with ignition module failure will alert you to when the module needs to be replaced. The quicker you are able to notice these signs if they arise, the quicker you will be able to have a technician address them.


Overheating is a common problem that can happen to the ignition module. Once the ignition module begins to overheat, you can generally expect for it to fail very shortly after. In order to determine if it is the ignition module that is overheating, you will want to perform this simple test. Leave your car running idle for about 30 minutes. After this 30 minutes, take a screwdriver and tap the module. If your car immediately stalls, then you will know that it is the ignition module that is overheating.

If you have determined that your ignition module is overheating, take it in to a qualified BMW mechanic as soon as possible to prevent further damage or the inconvenience of ending up stranded without a working vehicle.


There may be a chance that a failing ignition module does not give any initial signs that it is about to fail, your BMW will just suddenly fail. This sudden failure often comes from wires being loose or even corroded. If this is the case then you may just be able to replace the wires that need replacing or clean the areas that have been corroded or oxidized.

Of course, you do always have the option to seek out the help of a certified technician who will be able to properly and accurately replace the parts that are in need. It is always possible that your ignition module had been overheating and you just weren’t aware, in which case replacing the wires or cleaning the oxidation will only be a temporary solution at best.


Once one of these symptoms appears, you know that it is time to have the ignition module looked at and replaced. Take your BMW to Fast Lane European located in San Jose, CA. With our skilled technicians, you will know that your BMW is going to be properly taken care of. Our technicians specialize in only a small amount of brands, which allows for them to keep their focus and stay up to date on the most common issues and fixes for European vehicles. We are able to gain more specific knowledge when it comes to BMWs and will apply this knowledge to your BMW when you bring it in to us to be inspected, repaired, or even just for simple maintenance.

If you’re having issues with your ignition module, our technicians will use the most up to date equipment in order to diagnose exactly why the part has failed. Once this has been identified, the technicians will discuss with you the best and most affordable solution that will yield lasting results. We want you and your BMW to be back on the road as soon as possible, but will not sacrifice the quality of service you will receive.