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One of the most frustrating experiences to deal with in your Volvo is dealing with a faulty AC compressor. During the hot summer months, the air conditioning can be a saving grace from the blistering heat, but compressor failure means you’re left sitting in the heat.

One of the first signs of compressor failure is when your car stops blowing out cold air. Despite being incredibly reliable cars in general, Volvos in particular experience frequent issues with their AC compressors due to engineering and mechanical factors. Many forums are even dedicated to communities of people hoping to receive some resolute answer as to why their systems fail.

Newer Volvos are modern vehicles with the capability to warn drivers of impending problems. With the help of sensors, your Volvo can essentially tell you if it is experiencing HVAC problems. Despite this revolutionary feature, the reasons behind an HVAC compressor failure may be more of a mystery.

The Volvo is a European car that needs specific care. Their durability alone makes them ideal cars that deserve the best attention. If you want to avoid an HVAC compressor failure, it is important to take certain precautions now. Let’s consider a few common reasons why this system fails and how routine maintenance can ultimately save you from spending substantial amounts in repairs.


When electrical malfunctions occur such as a loose connection, an acid buildup occurs. The acid buildup is as intense as it sounds. If left untreated, your entire system may become corroded and need to be replaced. This can result in costly and unexpected repairs. This can be avoided by routine check-ups performed by technician experts. They can check your system to ensure that there is no excessive build-up.


When your compressor fails, likely it has become overheated. When the filters are filled with pollutants, the coils may become clogged. When this happens, the compressor is working overtime in order to cool the vehicle. While it may continue to function for a little while, an overworked compressor can only handle that level of strain for so long.

The type of refrigerant you use plays a major role in the health of your compressor. If you use low or excessive amounts of freon, your compressor will not be able to hold the correct amount of pressure, which contributes to the aforementioned strain. Ultimately, it will eventually give out. It is important to find the correct brand and quality of refrigerant for your Volvo in order to ensure it is getting the proper fluid.


When your HVAC compressor systems fail, you will experience uncomfortable issues with your temperature control. The air blowing out will likely be lukewarm or even flowing insufficiently. Often times, these issues are due to dirty air filters found within the compressor system. Another main reason behind this malfunction could be due to a faulty cooling fan, split compressor or even a blown fuse. The pile of debris and other pollutants can modify the flow of air. Consult a qualified service technician for a diagnosis if your Volvo is experiencing this problem.


During the summer months, the engine can become severely hot. When this occurs, air circulation is compromised. This could be an underlying reason behind why your HVAC compressor is failing. Although the problem could be solved with a simple repair such as a thermostat replacement, it is imperative that you allow a professional mechanic to take a look at the problem. One small mistake made to the engine can result in a lot of unnecessary money spent.


When your vehicle experiences mechanical leaks, this can result in a host of problems. When your car has a dent or hole in its hose or connections, the result could be an AC leak. If the coolant is leaving the car, it cannot properly fuel the AC. In turn, the system doesn’t have enough power to work with. Low freon levels can be diagnosed by a service technician. They will be able to determine if an inner leak is the cause of your compressor failure.

When it comes to owning quality vehicles like the Volvo, it is important to remain up-to-date with your maintenance routine. This will allow your car to continue giving you its best performance. If you are experiencing issues with your HVAC compressor system, why not have our trustworthy professionals at Fast Lane European in San Jose, California diagnose your issue? We are experienced in working with European cars, so we can figure out the problem and get your cold air flowing again quickly.