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Automotive issues are never simple, and finding an automotive specialist who can accurately diagnose the problem seems near impossible. If you own a car, you’ve likely already spent hundreds to thousands of dollars in automotive shops attempting to fix problems, maintain your vehicle’s function, or address recurring repair needs. Whoever you designate to tackle your automotive troubles and ongoing care, it’s most important to find an honest and efficient automotive specialist.

When it comes to oil and coolant troubles, your car could wind up in serious jeopardy. Staying on top of routine oil changes is critical to extend the life of your vehicle and ensure performance standards, but by adhering to an oil-changing schedule you also introduce your car into the shop more frequently which increases the chance of noticing an issue before it turns into a serious problem. One serious problem that drivers often experience in the oil coolant system is malfunctioning oil cooler gaskets. If you don’t know much about what an oil cooler gasket is or how it serves your car, then read on to learn more.


Your car is made up of complex parts and systems that all work together to promote proper engine functioning. The oil cooler gasket is part of the oil coolant system and it’s designed to keep oil from leaking before it has a chance to perform its job in adequately lubricating the engine. Furthermore, it contains the oil properly so that the oil can be cooled and re-circulated through your engine at the optimal temperature. When the seal fails, it can cause serious problems.


Signs of performance issues in your car are especially important to pay attention to—particularly if you’re noticing fluid leaking from your engine. There are several symptoms to look out for when it comes to oil cooler gasket failure. If you notice any of the following symptoms, you should not hesitate to bring your car to a trusted automotive specialist to diagnose the issue quickly.


As you might expect, when the oil cooler gasket begins to wear out or fail, it can cause oil to leak from your engine. It’s important to periodically look beneath your car to inspect for leaking fluid so that the issue can be diagnosed sooner than later. If you notice any fluid leaks, it’s critical to differentiate between other fluids such as transmission fluid and coolant from engine oil. Engine oil is typically a darker, thicker fluid.


Another potential symptom of an oil cooler gasket failure is oil contamination. If coolant or water compromises the integrity of the engine oil, then the oil is rendered ineffective—in fact, it can cause significant engine damage that can be irreparable. You will likely notice signs of oil contamination yourself; however, this issue can be diagnosed during a routine oil change.


When the oil cooler gasket becomes compromised or damaged, it can cause your engine’s temperature to run hot. This is because the oil is not able to properly cool and re-circulate. If you notice that your engine is consistently running hot over a period of a few days or drives, it’s critical to take your car for an inspection to a trusted automotive shop for detecting the severity of the damage suffered by the oil cooler gasket.


Oil cooler gaskets are usually made of durable, long-lasting materials that are intended to last for the entire life of your engine. However, common engine issues can cause the gasket to overheat and become worn-out or damaged. An oil cooler gasket replacement will vary in price, depending on the type of vehicle you drive. It is also important to thoroughly assess any subsequent damages to repair and identify the cause of the gasket failure.


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