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There are times when a vehicle may shake or vibrate whenever someone uses the brake pedal when driving. When this happens, the vibration can cause great worry or annoyance, as brakes are essential for vehicle safety. Because brake issues can be so worrying it is important to know how to deal with these issues when they arise. This article will thoroughly discuss some of the possible causes and the solutions to pursue when experiencing this problem.

To begin understanding why there would be any vibration when using the brake pedal, we have to understand what specific issues could be occurring in the key mechanisms in the brake system.



Damaged suspension, misaligned wheels, and time can all lead to the deterioration of your vehicle’s tires. This can trigger vibrations to happen when using the brake pedals. The primary culprit amongst all of these possibilities is typically misaligned wheels. If the tires are misaligned on a car, it can cause them to become more uneven and awkward when driving. This is typically very noticeable when slowing down the vehicle to a complete stop, causing the vibrations to begin throughout the car. Misaligned tires are also noticeable when turning, as there will be a loud squeaking sound during the turn.


Wobbly car movement caused by wheel bearings and loose lug nuts can also create vibrations in the vehicle. The vibrations usually subside a bit when the car is in motion because of the momentum. This does change whenever the car is slowed down, which causes the vibrations to become more noticeable and intense.


Over time, heat can cause distorted brake pads to become warped, which causes lack of contact to the drums and rotors. This leads to inconsistent contact, which results in vibrations occurring in the car. Dirt, debris, and rust are also contributors to causing vibrations in the brake pads.


The root cause needs to be discovered before you can solve the problem. See if you can figure out which rotors are causing the brakes to vibrate. This can sometimes be figured out by feeling which side shakes when pressing down on the brake pedal. If the vibration comes from the steering wheel area, then this means the front rotors are the ones causing the problem. You may also find other issues when focusing on the steering wheel of your car, as many issues can be discovered this way. Listen for any other sounds as well.

If the vibrations are coming from the rear rotors, then the whole car will begin shaking intensely. It is also possible that there is only one rotor that is causing the vibrations. It is vital to figure this out, so the correct one can be repaired.

If you are experienced in repairing vehicles on your own, then you may be able to correct this issue on your own. It is recommended that this step is only followed by those who are professionals in mechanical work. If you are able to locate the faulty rotor and realized the issue is caused by debris or dirt, you can clean the rotors to make improved connection with the brake pads. If the issue is caused by a thin spot on the disc, this will need a replacement.

The easiest issue for professionals to solve on their own is loose lug nuts. This only requires the use of a wrench to tighten the nuts. Another issue that would be the simplest fix for a mechanic is misaligned tires. If you are knowledgeable in how to change tires to realign them, then this solution will only take a small amount of time to get rid of the vibrations.


Some issues are pretty complex for novice car owners to fix on their own. Even the easier options for getting rid of the vibrations should be addressed by a professional if you have little to no experience in fixing the issue properly. This especially applies to European vehicles, which often have specialized needs.

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